This website will share information about wound therapies used to speed healing and promote closure of open wounds such as pressure injuries, leg ulcers, and diabetic foot wounds. It is designed to help interested clinicians who are working in the wound care field learn more about electrical, light, and sound therapies that are known to improve healing outcomes.

It will help link a community of health care providers who are interested in championing practice change so that these proven therapies are made available to more people troubled with chronic wounds. JOIN OUR MEETINGS: Over 30 wound care champions including PTs, Chiropodists, and Nurses from 7 different provinces across Canada meet regularly to share strategies and clinical pearls of wisdom about implementation of electrical, light, and sound therapies. Educational opportunities both virtual and onsite are available from leading experts in the field. Check out the list of upcoming events for meetings and courses available to you in the coming months.

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