This website will share information about electrical stimulation therapy, called Estim, used to speed healing and promote closure of open wounds such as pressure injuries, leg ulcers, and diabetic foot wounds. Estim is applied to the wound and surrounding area using a specialized electrical stimulation device and surface electrodes under the direction of health care professionals working in the field of wound care who have taken advanced training about Estim.  This website also provides information about Estim to the public who are interested in learning more about this proven wound therapy. Estim4wounds will link a community of health care providers who are interested in championing practice change so that Estim is made available to more people troubled with chronic wounds. A calendar of planned events is included so that interested clinicians can attend upcoming meetings and sign up for an Estim workshop near you.  The “FIND A PROVIDER” feature allows Estim providers to register so that clients interested in receiving Estim can locate a qualified health care professional closest to them.

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