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Course Instructor: Dr. Pamela E. Houghton, BScPT, HBSc, PhD (physiology).

Dr Pamela HoughtonDr. Houghton is Professor Emerita in the School of Physical Therapy at Western University, London, Canada. In 2007, she launched the Masters of Clinical Science program in the field of wound healing which she currently is a faculty instructor and research supervisor.  Dr. Houghton’s research focused on advanced wound treatments (eg. E-Stim) to speed healing of chronic wounds.  The Estim Collaboration project uses principles of knowledge mobilization science to promote collaboration amongst knowledge champions who are actively implementing best practices in wound care including Estim within different practice settings located across Canada.


Course Instructor: Dr. Lyndsay Orr, PT, MClSc-WH, PhD

Dr. Orr is currently the Lead for the South West Regional Wound Care Program in South Western Ontario.  Her PhD thesis focused on knowledge translation and costing for the use of E-Stim in patients with Pressure Injuries.  She is a lecturer for the MClSc-Wound Healing program at Western University and has published in multiple peer reviewed journals and best practice guidelines. 



Course Instructor: Dr. Ethne Nussbaum, PT, MEd, PhD

Dr. Nussbaum is an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy at University of Toronto and in the School of Physical Therapy, MClSc Program, at Western University. She is recognized internationally with numerous awards for excellence in teaching, for her research and writing (Silver Quill Award winner, Canadian Physiotherapy Association) and from Mount Sinai Hospital for staff distinction. Her practice and research has focused on wound management and effectiveness of electrophysical agents (EPAs). She is co-editor of ‘Electrophysical Agents: Evidence Based Practice’, Elsevier, London, UK, 2020.


Course Instructor: Dr. Sharon Gabison, BSc, BScPT, MSc, PhD, IIWCC

Dr. Gabison is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Physical Therapy at the University of Toronto and an Affiliate Scientist at the KITE Research Institute at the University Health Network. She oversees the delivery of the  electrophysical agents and wound prevention and management content in the curriculum. She earned her PhD in Medical Sciences from the University of Toronto. Her interdisciplinary research focuses on the development and evaluation of rehabilitation technologies for the prevention and management of pressure injuries. With 25 years of clinical experience, Dr. Gabison has worked across many different settings including outpatient, ICU and homecare primarily treating the adult population. She is rostered in both wound care and acupuncture. She is a member of the Canadian Physical Therapy Wound Care Collaborative.


Course Instructor: Kelly Sair, BScPT, MClSc (WH)

Kelly Sair has been a physiotherapist for 28 years and is actively involved in education, wound management, and the use of adjunctive therapies. Kelly completed her Masters of Clinical Science with specialization in wound healing at Western University in the Fall of 2017. Kelly has worked for Alberta Health Services since 1994 and is currently the Clinical Educator for the Consult and Treat Team in Calgary Integrated Home Care. Kelly works in a collaborative interdisciplinary wound clinic that manages complex patients with complex wounds.


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