Educational Courses

Renowned experts have developed a continuing education program that provides the advanced training necessary to identify, design, and modify Electrical, Light and SOUND therapies used to stimulate healing.  There are both virtual (online) learning modules and hands-on workshops available.  Education will meet the needs of many regulated health care professionals working in the wound care field (eg. PT, RN, MD, DCh, OT).

  • Educational Course Objectives

    For each electrophysical energy (LIGHT, SOUND, ELECTRICAL)

    • Apply background knowledge about the effects of these therapies on wound healing process(es).
    • Be aware of relevant clinical research evidence and best practice guidelines that supports that use of light, sound and electrical energies to stimulate faster healing and a greater likelihood of wound closure.
    • Understand the principles of electrical, sound, and light energy so that you are able to optimize energy delivery to target tissues and you can predict what factors will affect energy transmission.
    • Identify appropriate clients for these therapies based on relevant contraindications, precautions, and risks.
    • Apply these energies so that they are delivered consistently throughout the wound bed and peri-ulcer skin.
    • Select stimulus parameters and know why and how to adjust to create desirable patient response
    • Know what desirable and adverse responses to watch for and when to adjust and/or discontinue treatment.
    • Be aware of the equipment and supplies needed to provide these therapies and link with industry representatives to keep aware of newer technologies as they arise.