Education For Estim Providers

Dr Pamela Houghton provides a continuing education program that provides the advanced training necessary to identify, design, and modify Estim treatments to stimulate healing.  This program includes a number of differently designed courses that meet the needs of a many regulated health care professionals working in the wound care field (eg. PT, RN, MD, DCh, OT).  These education programs range in duration from1 to 2 days and provide information at various levels of knowledge.  The courses are delivered using a variety of formats including in-class seminars, hands-on workshops, and/or online self-learning modules.

Educational Course Objectives

  • identify people who are most likely to respond to Estim,
  • rule out medical conditions and situations that contraindicate the use of Esitm
  • appreciate and manage risks associated with Estim use in the treatment of open chronic wounds of known etiologies
  • apply Estim to wound and periulcer skin to produce even and effective current density that is safe & effective
  • design a customized Estm treatment program that fits with patients and caregivers needs & preferences
  • recognize good and undesirable responses to Estim and modify the treatment plan accordingly.

Sample of Course Syllabus: ESTIM for Chronic Wounds of Known Etiology:

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